Leviton® S8UTS-83 VerifEye™ 8000 Submeter Power Meter, 120/208/277/480 VAC

Monitoring Meter Assemblies
962121 MFG #: S8UTS-83
4201.25000 / ea
The VerifEye™ series 8000 multiple point meters are designed to meter multi-tenant office buildings, medium-sized retail, institutional, multi-tenant residential and other high density applications. VerifEye™ series 8000 meters provide twenty-four meter elements that can be configured as any combination of 1, 2 or 3 phase meters or monitors.
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Industrial Applications
Multiple point meter installation and hardware savings
Provides multiple electric loads in one device
Monitors up to 24 current transformers - 8 (3) phase, 12 (2) phase or 24 single phase loads
ModBus TCP, ModBus RTU (RS-485) and BACnet IP standard feature
Measures kilowatt hours, kW demand, volts, amps
Configurable via Ethernet or simple ModBus RTU network to BMS or VerifEye™ software solutions for tenant billing or measurement and verification
Phase configuration 8x3 with termination enclosure, electric meter
5 to 60 min demand intervals
Single 10/100BASE-T Ethernet, RS-232 ports
Non-volatile flash memory is unaffected by power outages, holds up to 2.4 Years of meter data (1 hr intervals) for 20 years
Real time with battery back-up (holds time up to 10 years)
-40 to 158 deg F operating temperature
Building automation integration and tenant metering