Leviton® OSFHD-IAW High Bay Fixture Mount Occupancy Sensor, 120/230/277/347 VAC, Passive Infrared Sensor, 25 ft Coverage

Occupant Sensor
PDW~7155270 MFG #: OSFHD-IAW
73.49000 / EA
Leviton's fixture mount occupancy sensors are low voltage occupancy detectors that work in conjunction with various Leviton products. The motion sensors main function is to turn the lights on or maintain the lights on while movement is detected. Available in infrared.
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Warehouses, Manufacturing, Cold Storage, Other High Ceilings and Commercial Applications
Rotating light sensor optimal for best performance in locating light measurements (up, down and side lighting)
Auto-calibration set to auto calibration, light sensor measures lowest light level of facility with all lights ON for 24 hr to determine the daylighting set point
Manual calibration optimize energy savings and operation by manually configuring the daylighting set point
Performance daylighting enhanced design algorithms to assure lights will not cycle during cloud cover or varying light levels
Fast and simple setting the OSFHD does not require power to set the time delay saving valuable time during installation load 1 =30 sec to 30 min, load 2 =30 sec infinity (starts after load 1 expires)
Fast and simple testing OSFHD will "instant ON" within 5 sec, upon initial power, relay is closed enabling labor savings testing in sec
Power interruption state for energy savings and safety, if power is lost to device, device will return to last known state
Fast, simple installation sensors easily installs on individual fixtures using standard 1/2 in knockouts and the quicksnap feature which eliminates the time to tighten the locknut
The 42 in wire leads reduce time and materials for connecting the ballast
Simply make the electrical connections inside the ballast compartment, install the appropriate adjustable lens assembly included and the sensor is ready
Zero crossing circuitry relay uses a zero crossing circuitry to provide reliable, long life operation
Range and coverage the 360 deg high bay PIR lens provides a 21 spacing to mounting height coverage under 25 ft mounting and a 1.51 for heights up to 40 ft mounting
The 360 deg low bay lens provides 21 spacing to mounting height coverage for 8 to 20 ft mounting
LED super bright green LED indicates occupancy detection and can be seen at 40 ft
False detection protection energy saving technology is designed into the OSFHD to assure your lights are ON only when needed
Manual calibration
Performance daylighting
Fast and simple setting
False detection protection|800 VA at 120VAC, 1000 VA at 230 VAC, 1200 VA at 277 VAC, 1500 VA at 347 VAC fluorescent ballast, 1/4 hp load at 120V
5-Year Limited Warranty, Country of Origin China, Rotating Light Sensor, Auto Calibration, Manual Calibration, Fast and Simple Installation