Leviton® OSC20-RUW OSC Commercial Grade Low Voltage Occupancy Sensor With Isolated Relay, 24 VDC, Ultrasonic Sensor, 360 deg

Occupant Sensor
663172 MFG #: OSC20-RUW
191.96000 / ea
The Leviton OSCxx-RUW is a low-voltage occupancy sensor that controls indoor lighting. The sensor fills the room with continuous reflective high-frequency (ultrasonic) sound waves. Any movement within the sensor's range causes a shift in the original emitted frequency. The sensor's receiver identifies any change in frequency as motion and either turns the lights-on or maintains lights on. Additionally, the sensor is designed with an isolated relay contact; which enables the sensor to interface with other systems.
  • Features
5-Year Limited Warranty, Small Size, Accurate, Consistent Switching