Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems USB20A5W RCPT DUP 20A 125V 5A 5V USB PORT A WH

Receptacles & USB Ports
1017637 MFG #: USB20A5W
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
57.23000 / ea
Hubbell® USB chargers are available in the new Type-C port, a combination unit with type A and C and the legacy type A, all with more power. The increase in power to a 5 Amp 5 VAC USB port adds capacity so that there is always ample current to support multiple device charging. Portable mobile manufacturers are using the faster Type-C ports. More phones, tablets and other electronic devices are expected to use this new standard.
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USB Charging/Power
5A V5V DC, Style A
USB type C port is legacy USB type A compatible
Heavy duty stainless steel USB ports, rated for minimum 10000 cord insertions and removals
Patented Hubbell® tamper-resistant technology uses cam action shutters