Hubbell® Circuit-Lock® HBL7810D Standard Manual Motor Controller, 600 VAC, 30 A, 18000 W

Motor Starter Controls
206708 MFG #: HBL7810D
126.52000 / ea
For use in nearly any industrial environment, Hubbell® AC Manual Motor Controllers/Disconnects can be easily integrated into equipment and enclosures for either box or panel-mount installation. Rated "Suitable as Motor Disconnect," they feature a quick make and slow break operation that ensures reliability and long life. Hubbell® AC Manual Motor Controllers/Disconnects have a 10000 A high fault short circuit withstand rating and a heat resistant thermoset body that provides resistant to arc tracking and superior dielectric strength. The 30 A controller features a brass terminal screw clamping plate for secure back or side wiring, and the 60 A version is available with front or back wiring.
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For motor starting without overload protection applications
Zero leakage current
All switches are suitable as a motor disconnect
Strong ON/OFF action with a quick make and slow break operation
Heat resistant thermoset body provides superior dielectric strength
3 hp at 120 VAC 1-phase, 7.5 hp at 240 VAC, 15 hp at 480 VAC, 20 hp at 600 VAC 3-phase power rating
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