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29846 MFG #: 50'-TAPE
14617.95000 / ea
50 ft snake head fish tape
  • Features
Garvin's fish tape is unquestionably your superior wire pulling tool. Our fish tape is made with a central core of steel wires; it is double sheathed with protective steel that will not unravel in the unlikely event of breakage. A final coat of brass plating minimizes corrosion. Garvin's multi-direction, no kink flexibility and round shape makes it easy handle and store. The tip of our fish tape is precision machined to exact engineering specifications. It is compact, only 7/8 in long, and ¼ in in diameter. This makes it possible to work around kinks, 90 degree bends, and jobs where existing wires make pulling difficult, even in flex. With machine flats and beveled shoulders, Garvin's fish tape glides by obstacles that would be impossible for ordinary fish tape. Finally, silver brazing makes our fish tape exceptionally strong, strong enough to hold 500 lb. weights, more than you'd need for any wire pulling job.