CCI® 962634606 CAT5E 24/4P CMR 1M' BLU

Telecommunications Cable
244093 MFG #: 962634606
153.71000 / ea
CCI® Riser Cable, Type CMR Cat 5e Non-Plenum UTP, 300 VAC, 4 Pair Conductors, Solid Bare Copper Conductor, 24 AWG Conductor, 0.2 in Outside Dia, 1000 ft Pull Box Length, 9.38 Ohm, Polyethylene Insulation, PVC, Blue, 60 deg C
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Gigabit Ethernet, Bi-Directional Transmissions, 100 BASE-T, 1000 BASE-T, Broad Band Video, Fast Ethernet, 155 Mbs ATM, TI, ISDN, 622 Mbps ATM, Datacom, Commercial, Residential Phone, Fax and Internet Systems Applications
350 MHz operating frequency
5.6 nF/100 m at 1 kHz maximum capacitance
45 ns/100 m maximum delay skew
68% nominal velocity of propagation
Each pair has different lay length for cross-talk prevention and ripcord added
Category 5e cable
9.38 Ohm/100 m at 20 deg C max DC resistance
White/black with black, white/orange with orange, white/green with green, white/brown with brown color pair cable
100 +/-15 Ohm at 1 to 100 MHz characteristic impedance