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Insulating or Joining 1 or more conductors
Features: Classic Fin Design Provides Secure Grip For Extra Leverage On Maximum Wire Combinations; Live-Action Spring Expands To Accept Wire Shape And Size No Pre-Twisting Required; Square-Wire Spring Threads Directly Onto Conductors For Fast, Secure Conn
Low profile design gets you into tight spaces and hard-to-reach spots comfortably
Slim, classic fin design provides secure grip for extra leverage on maximum wire combinations
Square wire spring threads directly onto conductors for fast and secure connections
Deep skirt helps protect against flash over
Live action spring expands to accept wire shape and size
No pre-twisting required
Unique, space saving profile is perfect for old work or shallow boxes
1000 V maximum in fixtures and signs
1000 V maximum in fixtures and signs
Green-B designed for making ground connections and bonding non-metallic sheathed cable
2 - 6 conductors, (2) 12 AWG - (2) 6 AWG wire combinations