Appleton® MLWQ852G4GA1 Mercmaster™ III ML Series Marine Location Fixture With Globe Guard, Induction Lamp, 85 W, 120 VAC, 1 Lamp

Marine Location Fixtures
461705 MFG #: MLWQ852G4GA1
3305.90000 / ea
Mercmaster III Induction Luminaries are virtually maintenance free and provide up to 100,000 hours lamp life, making them ideal for areas where access for relamping and maintenance is difficult. These rugged, corrosion resistant enclosed and gasketed luminaries are suitable for hazardous and adverse locations, including areas exposed to moisture, dust and dirt, corrosive chemicals, harsh weather and extreme temperatures.
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For Use In Areas Where Access For Relamping Is Difficult, Reliability Is Essential And The Environment Is Costly To maintain, Cold Environment Applications, Marine And Wet locations, And In A Wide Range Of Industrial, Chemical Processing And Other Areas Where Flammable Gases And Vapors Or Combustible Dusts Are Present Under Conditions Defined By NEC Class I, Division 2, In Non-Hazardous Areas Where Severe Weather Conditions, Excessive Moisture, Dirt, Dust And Corrosive Atmospheres Are A Problem
The Mercmaster III series provides a instant start and restrike; High lumen output and efficiency (up to 73 lumens per watt); Fixtures operate safely in a 104 DEG F/40 DEG C ambient; Good lumen maintenance provides less than 30 PCT depreciation after 60000 HR of operation; Virtually maintenance free; Ultra-long 100000 HR of life keeps maintenance costs to a minimum; Starts in temperatures as low as -40 DEG F/-40 DEG C; Low total harmonic distortion (less than 10 PCT); No cycling at end of life; Modular design allows scores of fixture component combinations to meet installation and lighting needs; Mounting hoods include cone-shaped pendant, standard pendant, flexible pendant, ceiling and wall (tapped for 3/4 IN or 1 IN NTP); For high corrosion resistance, fixture housing, mounting hoods and guards are copperfree (4/10 of 1 PCT maximum) cast aluminum with baked epoxy finish, electrostatically applied for uniformity; Body gaskets and globe gaskets are high-temperature silicone rubber;
Instant start and restrike
High lumen output and efficacy (up to 73 lumens per W)
Fixtures operate safely in a 40 deg C (104 deg F) ambient
Good lumen maintenance provides less than 30% depreciation after 60 K hours of operation
Virtually maintenance free
Ultra long 100000 hr of life keeps maintenance costs to a minimum
All Mercmaster III mounting hoods have provision for easy field installation of fuses in fixtures
For electrical protection, a ground wire is provided on each Mercmaster to bond hood and ballast housing
Hinge has high lip for added safety during installation and servicing
Hinge and bolt construction assures 360 deg compression at all points on ballast housing gasket for positive sealing
Swing away design of captive bolt and nut simplifies servicing
Enclosed and gasketed fixtures suitable for use in marine and wet locations, and in a wide range of industrial, chemical processing and other areas where flammable gases and vapors or combustible dusts are present under conditions defined by NEC Class I, Division 2
Fixtures are also well suited for use in non-hazardous areas where severe weather conditions, excessive moisture, dirt, dust and corrosive atmospheres are a problem
3/4 in hub
4 close up plug