80/20 1545-242 1.5 X 4.5 T-SLOTTED EXTRUSION 242" BAR

1.50" X 4.50" T-Slotted Profile - Eight Open T-Slot #1545
PDW~6643523 MFG #: 1545X242.00"
338.80000 / ea
1545 is a 1.50" x 4.50" fractional 15 series rectangular T-slot profile with eight open T-slots, three on each 4.50" face and one on each 1.50" face. The profile has align-a-grooves to assist in alignment when connecting profiles. The 1545 profile is compatible with 15 series fasteners and has center cavities that can be pressurized up to 150 psi The eight open T-slots make this profile great for mounting accessories, flat plates and hinges while the pressurized cavities lend it to machine frames or robotics.