Flood Coolant Systems & Pumps
693471 MFG #: 10705
478.43000 / ea
Hydraulic hand pump, 0.15 in3/stroke flow rate.
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Transporting Reactor Vessel Head Replacement Components;Safely Erecting a Bridge Over Water with a Hydraulic Driven Launching Nose;Replacing Bridge Bearings without Interrupting Traffic to the Second Bosphorus Bridge;Leak Free Connections on Critical Joints with Hydraulic Tensioners
Reduced Handle Effort and Ergonomic Grip for Less Operator Fatigue;ENT Free Reservoir Eliminates Spills
P39, Single Speed, ULTIMA Steel Hydraulic Hand Pump, 672 cm3 Usable Oil.
-Reduced handle effort and ergonomic grip for less operator fatigue
-Vent free reservoir eliminates spills
-Quick grip handle allows for easy transport
-Integral reservoir over-pressurization protection