60A3PHASE 7 277/480V MI

Pin & Sleeve Mechanical Interlock Device
73306 MFG #: 560MI7W
2273.09000 / ea
Powerswitch® Mechanical Interlock devices incorporate a safety disconnect switch and IEC receptacle in a non-metallic watertight enclosure. The interlock mechanism prevents making and breaking of power under load. The switch cannot be actuated to the ON position until an IEC compatible plug is fully inserted and the plug cannot be removed until the switch is in the OFF position. The complete IEC 60309-1 and 60309-2 system of plugs, connectors, inlets and mechanical interlock devices can be used for both retrofit and new installations enhancing safety and performance in critical power connections.
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Engineered to IP67 watertight and IP69K high pressure, high temperature washdown standards
Fused models accept class J time delay fuses
Exposed plastic materials are UV stabilized
Cam lever actuator
40 hp
3 phase