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494156 MFG #: 311007-01
11.67000 / ea
Power cord, rated at 125 VAC voltage, unshielded.
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A large selection of North American and International Power Cords that have been designed to comply with North American and international safety agency regulations to insure safe and reliable products. Offered in a wide selection of plugs and connectors available in various cable insulations, voltage ratings, colors, lengths, shielding and a full range of hospital grade certified power cords. Custom configurations and strain reliefs are available upon request.
-All International cords are 250VAC / 70°C, with CEE color code, (except Japan) unless marked otherwise (adjacent to the part number)
-Japan cords are North American Color Code, 125VAC / 60°C
-Cords marked ROJ: outer jacket is removed 50mm and stripped 5mm
-North American Color Code: Black, White, Green CEE Color Code: Brown, Blue, Green/Yellow stripe