Multi-Conductor Cables - Unshielded
413963 MFG #: 311603
Lapp USA
1261.11000 / ea
Flexible power control cable has 16 AWG with a gray jacket and cab be used for CNC machining centers, grinding machines, bottling equipment applications
  • Features
LAPP has always been the pioneer for highly flexible industrial cables. LAPP offers highly flexible cables for control and power applications in industrial environments. These flex cables have also been engineered and tested to be oil resistant, coolant resistant. and chemical resistant. ÖLFLEX® cables can withstand dry, damp and wet conditions and therefore allowing you to save money on downtime and lost production.
-International approvals:UL, CSA, & CE
-One cable does the job of four, reducing inventory
-One specification for easy and safe installation
-Oil-resistant PVC jacket meets UL Oil Res I/II
-UV-resistant jacket