3M™ Scotchcast™ 4A 054007-43165 Insulating Resin, 3.2 oz 2-Part Pouch, Black, Liquid/Resin

Resins & Compounds
5783 MFG #: 4A
23.03000 / ea
3M™ Scotchcast™ Electrical Resin 4 is a 2-part, insulating and encapsulating, epoxy-based, liquid resin that generates its own heat to cure. Compatible with solid/synthetic cable insulations and jackets, this resin makes an excellent insulator and sealer for cable splicing.
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For splicing solid dielectric and oil filled cables up to 8 kV
80 shore D hardness
Has 16 minute gel time at 73 deg F
500 mV dielectric strength
Withstands a temperature range of 32 - 266 deg F
Elongates 4% longer than its original size for easy insulation or wrapping
Withstands a voltage rating of 8 kV or less
Epoxy material, 45 minutes energise time
82-A Series, 82-B1, 85-14CP, 90-B1 used in these kits
Excellent multi-purpose moisture sealing resin
Bonds to itself and to most modern cable jackets
Designed to be stable at elevated temperatures
Generates its own heat to cure, tough and oil resistant
4900 psi tensile strength, 0.64 oz/cu-in density
2.6% wt gain in 168 hrs moisture absorption at 73 deg F
3.1 to 6 dielectric constant at 60 Hz frequency
0.5 % to 20% dissipation factor at60 Hz frequency
to splice solid dielectric and oil-filled cables up to 8 kV