3M™ Performance Plus O/B+ Flame Retardant Twist-On Wire Connector, Rounded Wing Shell, Live Action/Square Wire Spring

Twist On Wire Connector
5779 MFG #: O/B+BOX
0.20000 / ea
3M™ Performance Plus Wire Connectors handle the work of eight standard connectors, O/B+ replaces the orange, blue and gray wire connector style connectors, as well as 70% of the yellow wire connector and wing style connectors.
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For Electrically Connect Two or More Conductor Ends in a Pigtail Application and Insulate the Connection
Polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomer insulation
New design allows easier installation, smooth, fast and easy-on the hands
Flexible skirts provide safety provides protection against potential shock situations
Simplifies selection of the right connector for a wide range of wiring jobs, there's also less inventory to manage, and a better chance you'll have the connector you need to do every job
Corrosion resistant coating
A better bite for a better connection, wires feed into the connector more easily, improving the security of the connection and increasing the level of pull-out
1000 V for signs, fixtures or luminaires
(2)22 AWG up to (3) 12 AWG (solid) or (4) 14 AWG wire combinations
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Flame Retardant