3M™ 1500 Safety Sunwear, Universal, Full Frame White Frame, Anti-Fog Gray Lens

Safety Glasses
PDW~10142747 MFG #: SS1502AF-W
255.27000 / ea
3M™ Safety Sun wear Protective Eyewear helps to protect eyes from dust, debris and the harmful rays of the sun, yet look bold and contemporary for a stylish appearance. These safety eye glasses combine the protection you need with the appearance you want. Old fashioned safety glasses that are big and bulky are ones that workers want to take off as quickly as possible after the workday because they are clunky, heavy and ugly. Safety Sun wear, in contrast, is streamlined, lightweight and stylish. The removable foam-lined gasket on the 1500 series models helps provide cushioned protection against impact, sun, wind, and nuisance dust. Safety Sun wear provides eye protection needed on the job and the style you want away from it. The wraparound frame adds to the contemporary style of Safety Sun wear. When wearing these safety glasses, people will turn their heads for all the right reasons. The anti-fog coating on the lenses helps reduce the chances of fogging in hot and humid environments. Anti-fogging properties help maintain visibility and reduce the need to remove glasses to wipe away moisture from the lenses.
  • Features
On the job eye protection, with a sleek and bold design that looks cutting-edge
Contemporary, lightweight safety glasses feel comfortable for extended wear
Removable foam liners on for additional comfort and protection from nuisance dust
Anti-fog coating helps keep lenses free of moisture in hot and humid conditions