AC Variable Frequency Drives
28126 MFG #: 9957
KB Electronics
232.22000 / ea
Variable frequency AC drive for 3 phase AC induction motors. It contains sensorless flux vector with satic-auto tune. It is rated for 230 VAC voltage and 2.4 A current.
  • Features
The KBVF Series of Adjustable Frequency Drives consist of sixteen inverter models rated for 1/10 to 5 horsepower motors. These chassis / IP 20 drives are ideal for OEM applications where digital programming and displays are not required. one Hybrid drives are a digital drive with an analog interface. Product Brochure, Manual for 1 Phase Input, Manual for 3-Phase Input.
-Horsepower 1/8 to 5 HP, Jumper Selectable
-1 & 3 Diameter Input 115/230/460 VAC, 50/60 Hz
-3 Diameter Output 230/460 VAC
-200 PCT Starting Torque
-Power & Status Indicators