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150241 MFG #: SUPER AW46-55
Steiner Electric
559.95000 / ea
AW46 hydraulic motor oil comes in a 55 gallon drum and has a flash point of 226 °C.
  • Features
TRUEGARD Oils are premium performance mineral based hydraulic fluids formulated with patented TRUEGARD additive technology in combination with high quality base oils to meet the requirements of a wide range of industrial and mobile hydraulic applications. When you need to find 55 gallons of hydraulic oil such as AW 46, you're in the right place. With good thermal stability, excellent anti-wear properties and extreme oxidation resistance, it's the right choice for several applications. It moves well through filters, has good water separation properties and excellent air release characteristics as well.
-Good Thermal Stability
-Excellent Antiwear
-Resistant to Oxidation
-Good Water Separation
-Excellent Filterability
-Excellent Air Release