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132946 MFG #: 601004
Steiner Electric
5610.54000 / ea
Flexible power control cable has 12 AWG which has gray jacket and is used for CNC machining centers, grinding machines, and bottling equipment.
  • Features
LAPP has always been the pioneer for highly flexible industrial cables. LAPP offers highly flexible cables for control and power applications in industrial environments. These flex cables have also been engineered and tested to be oil resistant, coolant resistant. and chemical resistant. ÖLFLEX® cables can withstand dry, damp and wet conditions and therefore allowing you to save money on downtime and lost production.
-Extremely oil-resistant (Oil Res I & II)
-Meets NFPA 79 machinery wiring standard
-Very flexible and number-coded for easy routing and Termination
-Round jacket for optimal seal with a SKINTOP® strain relief cable gland
-Resistant to a wide range of disinfecting solutions used in the food, beverage, chemical and related industries, according to ECOLAB® PM 40-1 test procedure