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Measures kWh and Peak Demand (Optional), Equipped Standard with an Isolated Pulse Output Channel and Modbus RTU (RS485) for Easy AMR/BAS/BMS/EMS Interface, Utilizes Either Revenue-Grade 0.3 % Accuracy Class 0.1A Secondary Solid Core Current Transformers (
Measures kWh and peak demand (optional)
Utilizes either revenue grade 0.3% accuracy class 0.1 a secondary solid core current transformers
Up to three sets of current transformers per phase can be paralleled per meter without the need for a meter multiplier
Enclosure options include surface mount industrial grade JIC steel indoor and NEMA 4X outdoor
Interfaces with numerous communication systems and hardwired automatic meter reading AMR or wireless AMR
Large LCD display shows kWh and optional peak and instantaneous kW with demand reset
Load indicator LED verifies meter functionality
Reverse phase indicator LED illuminates if the meter is improperly installed
18 to 14 AWG terminal accommodation
Equipped standard with an isolated pulse output channel and Modbus RTU (RS485) for easy AMR/BAS/BMS/EMS interface
Gray color