12'' (305 mm) Quick-Adjust Klaw(R)äó Pump Pliers

Slip Joint Pliers
777003 MFG #: D504-12B
Klein Tools®
66.45000 / ea
Get a better grip on the job at hand with Klein Tools Klaw™ Pump Pliers. The uniquely designed jaw provides multiple points of contact for maximum torque. Specially hardened teeth cover the inside of the jaw for excellent gripping power. The 10 and 12 sizes also feature a groove near the jaw tip designed especially for holding nails. Klaw™ Pump Pliers are available in a Classic style or a Quick-Adjust style that features a push button, quick ratchet feature for faster, easier adjustment.
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General Purpose
Unique jaw design provides multiple points of contact for maximum torque
Compact, narrow design for easy work in small or hard to reach spaces
Gripping surface with specially hardened teeth for reduced wear and positive grip
Extended grips for added comfort
Push button and quick ratchet feature allows for fast and easy adjustment to any position
Plastic-dipped yellow handle
Push button adjustment
14 jaw positions
Warning: always wear approved eye protection, not insulated, plastic-dipped or slip-on plastic handles are not intended for protection against electrical shock