Drill Bit Sets
1038040 MFG #: 48-89-4633
30.00000 / ea

Milwaukee® SHOCKWAVE™ Impact duty titanium drill bits with RED HELIX™ are engineered for impacts and drills. Designed with a variable helix ™ with an aggressive 35? helix angle which ends at 15?, the impact duty titanium drill bits with RED HELIX™ provide Rapid Chip Removal™ to limit heat buildup to Stay Sharper Longer™. The 135? split point tip delivers a precision start and prevents walking for fast, accurate holes. Titanium coating can be used in all drilling applications to give you up to 3X life vs. Black Oxide Drill Bits™. Features: Titanium coating for up to 3X life vs. black oxide; SHOCKWAVE™ Impact duty, engineered for drills and impacts; RED HELIX™ design for Rapid Chip Removal™; CHIP BREAKER™ decreased heat buildup; 135? split point for precision start no walking