Red Lion CUB5TR00 CUB5 Miniature Electronic Counter, 8 Digits, LCD Display

Hour Meters
243888 MFG #: CUB5TR00
Red Lion®
159.00000 / ea
  • Catalog Number: CUB5TR00
  • Dimensions: 1.54 in H x 2.95 in W x 1.71 in D
  • Display: LCD
  • Enclosure Type: NEMA 4X/IP65
  • Frequency Rating: Medium
  • Gross Weight Per Pack: 3.20 lb
  • Output: Relay
  • Series: CUB5
  • Standards: cULus, UL File No. E179259, E137808 Listed, CE Certified, RoHS Compliant
  • Temperature Rating: -35 to 75 deg C
  • Stock Status: NONSTOCK
  • Brand: Red Lion®
  • Manufacturer: Red Lion Controls
  • Number of Digits: 8
The CUB5T provides the ultimate in timer flexibility, from its complete user programming to the optional relay output and serial communications capability. The meter functions as an Elapsed Timer or Preset Timer. It also has a built-in Cycle Counter. The display can be toggled either manually or automatically between the Timer and Cycle Counter values. With eight different input operating modes and 18 selectable timer ranges, the meter can be programmed for a wide variety of timing applications. The CUB5T has an LCD display with 0.46 in (11.7 mm) high digits. The LCD is available in two versions, reflective (CUB5TR00) and backlight (CUB5TB00). The backlight version is user selectable for red or green backlighting with variable display intensity. The Timer has two signal inputs and eight input operating modes. These modes provide level active or edge triggered start/stop operation. A Display Hold mode will display the elapsed time for one cycle, while the next cycle continues timing internally. The Timer Reset modes will automatically reset the timer value when a time start edge is applied to the input. This allows sequential timing cycles without having to manually reset the Timer. In addition to the Timer inputs, a programmable User Input is available to perform a variety of meter functions. All inputs are current sinking (active low) and accept a variety of logic and open-collector output signal sources. Relay and switch contacts can also be used as signal sources, when the software input debounce filter is enabled. The capability of the CUB5T can be easily expanded with the addition of a field installable option module. When the CUB5RLY0 relay output module is added, the meter becomes a Preset Timer. The Setpoint Output can be assigned to the Timer or Cycle Counter values, and configured to suit a variety of control and alarm requirements. Serial communications capability for RS232 or RS485 is added with a serial option module (CUB5COM). The CUB5T can be powered from an optional red lion® Micro-Line/Sensor Power Supply (MLPS), which attaches directly to the back of a CUB5T. The MLPS is powered from an 85 to 250 VAC source and provides up to 400 mA to drive the meter and sensors.
  • Features
LCD, reflective or green/red LED backlighting
6-digit cycle counting capability
Optional serial communications card
7-digit bi-directional timing capability
Selectable timer ranges and operating modes
Elapsed timer and preset timer functionality
Display color change capability at preset output
0.46 in height of the display
9 to 28 VDC voltage rating