Square D™ HU365DS Heavy Duty Non-Fusible Single Throw Safety Switch, 600 VAC/VDC, 400 A, 350 hp, 3 Poles

Single-Throw Disconnects
97013 MFG #: HU365DS
Square D™
7934.79000 / ea
  • Application: Heavy Duty
  • Connection: LUGS
  • Country of Origin: US
  • Enclosure: NEMA 4/4X/5 STAINLESS STEEL 304
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Mounting: Surface
  • Size: 10.13 IN,26.25 IN,46.25 IN
  • Standard: UL LISTED FILE E2875
  • Stock Status: Scheduled Items
  • UOM: lb
  • Weight: 0.0175
  • Wire Type: AWG 1/0...750 KCMIL COPPER OR ALUMINIUM
  • Brand Name: Square D
  • Manufacturer: Schneider Electric
  • Voltage Rating: 600 VAC//VDC
  • Amperage Rating: 400 A
  • Number of Poles: 3
Square D HU365DS SWITCH NONFUSIBLE HD 400A STAINLESS,304 Stainless Steel,400A,600V,Lugs,NEMA 3/3R4/4X/12,Non-Fusible,Rainproof, Dust tight and Corrosion Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor),Single Throw Safety Switch,UL Listed,heavy duty,surface
  • Applications
  • Features
Commercial, Industrial and Indoor/Outdoor Applications
Visible blades for positive indication that switch is "OFF"
Quick make, quick break operating mechanism
Optional viewing window allows visual verification of blade position without opening door
Red and black handle indicates the ON (red)/OFF (black) condition of the switch
Dual cover interlock prevents the cover from being opened when the switch is ON and prevents the switch from being turned ON when the cover is open
Handle lock-off provision for multiple padlocks "OFF" position
Cover can be padlock closed
Tangential knockouts, where provided, lessen the need for conduit offset bends
350 hp 3 ph at 600 VAC Max/50 hp at 600 VDC Std power rating
Rain proof, dusttight and corrosion resistant (indoor/outdoor) environmental conditions