Schneider Electric PowerLogic™ 4000 Circuit Monitor With VFD Display, High Speed V Trans Detect, Capture

Power Monitors
203703 MFG #: CM4000T
Square D™
13120.88000 / ea
  • Accuracy: 0.0004%
  • Country of Origin: MX
  • Series: 4000
  • Stock Status: Scheduled Items
  • Type: Schneider Electric
  • UOM: lb
  • Weight: 7.8000
  • Brand Name: Square D™
  • Manufacturer: Schneider Electric
  • Applications
  • Features
For HV and LV networks applications
Waveform capture with up to 512 samples/cycle
Built-in trending and forecasting functionality allows you to forecast energy usage up to 4 days in advance
Sag/swell disturbance monitoring
2 option card slots for field installable cards
Optional field installable Ethernet communications card with standard and custom web pages
Alarm setpoint learning feature allowing optimum threshold setting (patent pending)
Standard, digital, boolean, high speed and disturbance alarms multiple alarms
Waveshape alarm monitoring
High speed transient voltage detection at 5 MHz per channel with field installable CVMT current/voltage module
True rms metering through the 255th harmonic
Extended waveform capture (up to 110 sec)
Field installable - digital analog I/O cards and flexible I/O extender modules
Harmonic power flows up to the 40th harmonic
Standard KYZ pulse output
Standard 32 MB of non-volatile memory
Integrated power quality standards including EN50160, IEC 61000-4-15 (flicker)
Sequence of events recording using GPS synchronization technology
Oscillatory transient detection and recording
Instrumentation, on-board data logging, disturbance recording, configurable I/O, 0.04% accuracy, impulsive transient detection and flicker (IEC 61000-4-15)
Provides the ability to monitor, troubleshoot and preempt power quality problems