Why You Should Use 80 / 20

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80/20 is a One-Stop Shop
• Over 6,000 components including both fractional and metric lines
• Five complete product series with sizes of profiles ranging from 20mm x 20mm to heavy-duty extrusions as large as 3" x 6" means 80/20® has the profile to fit your needs
• 135,000 square feet of manufacturing
• Inventory on-hand—All 6,000 components in-stock, on hand, one location!

Custom Machining
• Multi-million dollar investment in CNC/automated manufacturing capability, ensuring that every component is repeatedly made to exact tolerances
• Quick turnaround time
• Quickly and easily customize any standard profile or structural shape, or modify an existing part from the 80/20® catalog
• Very cost-effective—save time AND money
• No minimums: 80/20® will custom-machine as few as one (1) part, if that’s what you need
• In-house anodizing

Panel Shop
• Quick turnaround time with our full-service panel shop
• Choice of 85+ panels in stock, or we’ll order what you need
• No minimums – we’ll cut panels to size
• Save on shipping cost—NO drops to store

Custom Machining
• Send us a simple sketch, we provide a CAD drawing for approval
• We provide a complete bill of materials for ease of ordering
• FREE 80/20® design software and files

Value Add             
• Fast!                      • Cost-effective
• Turn-key solution     • On-site installs

Why is 6105-T5 Aluminum Alloy Better Than 6063-T6?
All of 80/20®’s T-slotted profiles feature the 6105-T5 alloy. Certain properties such as strength, machinability and corrosion resistance are influenced by the choice of alloy and temper. Alloy 6105 with a T5 temper, chosen by 80/20®, has better machinability, corrosion resistance, and strength than 6063-T6.

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